Planning to Publish Another Book Soon!

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So I have been busy preparing three of my manuscripts for publishing. It's been a very hideous job editing and formatting all by myself. I'm still relatively new to the idea of being an indie author. But it's not that difficult once you stick with the problem long enough. As a result, I've released a kindle version of three books so far on Amazon. You can find out more details about them on the sidebar of my blog.

I tried to price the books as low as possible so that my readers could have access to them. I know that most of my audience are teenagers or in their early 20s. Life is hard during that time and not to mention their financial stability. I've always writing for free for over three years now. And profit isn't the reason why I started writing.

However, a little incentive could make you go an extra mile. Besides, a lot of my readers insisted me to publish my works so that they can get a hold of them or that they simply just love me. I don't know. But I'm so flattered by all the sweet support. So yeah, I published most of my books now. Hopefully I will continue to write more valuable contents in the future.


  1. Sveta, you might not believe me but I read your book Black Knight over a year or two ago and loved it. Then life happened and I went to university. And today out of the blue, on my exam day I went to wattpad literally years later and searched for it. I was really surprised it wasn't there but then I came across your blog. I wish you all the success out there, writer!


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