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Planning to Publish Another Book Soon!

So I have been busy preparing three of my manuscripts for publishing. It's been a very hideous job editing and formatting all by myself. I'm still relatively new to the idea of being an indie author. But it's not that difficult once you stick with the problem long enough. As a result, I've released a kindle version of three books so far on Amazon. You can find out more details about them on the sidebar of my blog.

I tried to price the books as low as possible so that my readers could have access to them. I know that most of my audience are teenagers or in their early 20s. Life is hard during that time and not to mention their financial stability. I've always writing for free for over three years now. And profit isn't the reason why I started writing.

However, a little incentive could make you go an extra mile. Besides, a lot of my readers insisted me to publish my works so that they can get a hold of them or that they simply just love me. I don't know. But…

New Book Available on Amazon!

I have talked about finishing my latest book 'Hades' in the previous post. But now I'm going to give you a small detail of how I decided to write this story. 
Well, normally my mind couldn't keep still, so it always wanders around looking for new story ideas. I have always been fascinated by the Greek mythology. It's full of wonders and surprising twists. Every tale has its own consequences. Like the story of Persephone being kidnapped to the Underworld and in turn caused the changes of the seasons. 
But one thing that I wish I could read more is powerful women. Athena and Artemis are two goddesses that I just so idolize (I mean who wouldn't want to run wild and free or just born invincible?), but they don't have any love life. Then I was like 'why don't I recreate the myth and add a new twist into it?" that's how the story Hades was born. But why Hades? That's also another question. We're all human beings who fear death but also i…

Another Book Down!

So I've just finished writing another book called "Hades". This Greek mythology adaptation has a twist in it. It's a relief that I'm done with it. Phew! Who knew a novella was also hard to write?'s not particularly hard to write, it's just that I had never written a short book. Hades is a novella, so it's different for me.

Beside, it's my first time writing in 3rd person point of view. Almost all of my books are written in 1st person. I found it interesting and a bit easier to write in 3rd person, and now I know why a lot of professional writers argue that 3rd person is more effective to write. But I'm still learning. I'm glad I have done this book and ended it as nicely as possible. In short, I enjoyed doing Greek myth adaptations.

Now the last thing I'm going to do is prepare the manuscript and get it ready to publish. I'm actually making a little money recently. I never thought of trying to earn a living writing books…

Welcom to my blog

First off, I'm going to let you know that I'm a LGBT writer. I never thought that one day I would be writing stories. I just started writing when I was seventeen, and I did it in a dare, which required me to write a whole book about vampires. Yeah I know.

But then out of boredom, I set up a profile on a writing platform known as, which enabled me to write my first lesbian story under the title 'The Romanov Princess', which accumulated 3.7 million reads.It has become one of the most read books in its category. At first, I thought I only wrote some pervy stuff for fun but then I was surprised that people actually loved my stuff, and I have been writing ever since.

Now, it's about time I should start a blog for my writing process. This is going to be where I talk non-stop about my books and writing and inspiration and a hundred other millions things. I'm going to update news about my publication and new projects in this blog. And if you would like, you…