Another Book Down!

So I've just finished writing another book called "Hades". This Greek mythology adaptation has a twist in it. It's a relief that I'm done with it. Phew! Who knew a novella was also hard to write?'s not particularly hard to write, it's just that I had never written a short book. Hades is a novella, so it's different for me.

Beside, it's my first time writing in 3rd person point of view. Almost all of my books are written in 1st person. I found it interesting and a bit easier to write in 3rd person, and now I know why a lot of professional writers argue that 3rd person is more effective to write. But I'm still learning. I'm glad I have done this book and ended it as nicely as possible. In short, I enjoyed doing Greek myth adaptations.

Now the last thing I'm going to do is prepare the manuscript and get it ready to publish. I'm actually making a little money recently. I never thought of trying to earn a living writing books. I thought it was only for the lucky few, the most talented, but in this age, many people can do it digitally. This is so weird, to think that there are people who would pay to read my works.

Now I just want to take a little nap and relax for a while. But as a writer, I know I will come up with new stories and dynamic characters that won't stop screaming inside my head until I start writing about them.


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